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Pepsi and their intelligent machine

For my first posts on my blog, I’ve decided to talk about a special machine designed by Coca-Cola, named Coke Freestyle. This machine was able to give to the customer more than 120 flavours just by a press of a button when they were at a restaurant or at a convenient store. Also, I had asked to Coca-Cola if this machine was in the plan to be distributed in Canada which was not the case.

However, in January, during one of my visits at Subway, I’ve seen that the Pepsi machine had changed. She had the characteristics of the Coke Freestyle machine that I had written on my post. I’ve asked the employee when they received this machine and they told me it was there two weeks ago.

When I’ve chosen my drink, the screen was promoting the available products. The next screen, as seen on this video, see the entire range of products. I’ve decided to choose a Pepsi, since I’m a big fan of it. With this selection, I had a flavour to choose. Should I add vanilla, cherry or lemon?

Finally, I was able to enjoy a nice glass of Lemon Pepsi while eating a delicious sandwich from Subway.

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